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Sonicare Solutions

Sonicare Solutions is an aerospace and electronic components supplier with head office in Florida USA. We were contracted to redesign their website, something modern. They have had their old website for a long time - it was time for a fresher look


Sonicare Solutions Inc

The older design

Based on our own assessment, the major problem with the older design wasn't the look, it was the outdated setup, slowness, and non-responsiveness of the design.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge we had with this project was related to its content. In the old design, only a few pages seem to exist but the website had way more content hidden away - how did this become a challenge? It was SEO.

The easiest approach for us was to create a new sitemap and start to design new pages, but it will be very-very bad. Every link they have shared in the past, those crawled by search engines will show a 404 error page. For a business of this type, visitors will start questioning the stability of the business itself - "what aerospace supplier won't be able to keep their website in order". To add to the problem, the backend of the website was nearly unusable - we had to rely on the front-end navigation to find links (most of which lead to corrupted pages).

We overcame!

Google and webarchive.org came to the rescue. We searched google for every occurrence of the site and were able to obtain links we didn't know existed, and for pages we weren't able to open, luckily for us, webarchive.org has a record.


Formidable Forms
Oxygen Builder
Litespeed Server and Cache

The new design